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Fathers'      Forum

Presented By The Office of The First Selectman and in Collaboration With:

Build community connections by offering guidance and resources for fathers of children of all ages through monthly presentations from topical experts and group discussions. 

our Mission

We know this to be true about the specific role that you as a father play in raising your children:

You model the kind of man your son chooses to be when he grows up.


You model the man your daughter will marry.

We also know that unspoken communications have greater effect on others than the spoken word. So, often, it's not what you say to your son or daughter but how you are being when you offer your thoughts and opinions.... 

......And how and when you choose to engage with you balance counsel with discipline--and so many other aspects of parenting that have a hand in the the way your child sees him or herself in the world.   

The Fathers' Forum is a place where dads can take in valuable insights that will help them connect with their kids and parent more effectively--in ways that work for their family. While we often acknowledge there's no "playbook" or "owner's manual" for parenting, there's certainly no shortage of parenting information...and no shortage of so-called expertise that's offered in the spirit of helpfulness either!

So, our focus is to let dads take in some information from a 30-minute discussion and then break out into smaller discussion groups, four-to-six per group, so they can connect with each other and share their thoughts and experiences on a more personal level.  We also see an opportunity for mentoring, where men who have been through key chapters can offer guidance or reflections to those about to experience them in their own parental journey.  

What's participation without surveys? We'll include mobile surveys that let you see how dads line up around key topics, and we'll provide the results in real time. We'll also seek your feedback on what you like and don't like with the Forum. 

Finally, some thoughts about continuity and the Fathers' Forum. We've seen how energetic dads will engage for periods of time to help with programming and attend the meetings. But after their children grow older, they redirect their energies, thinking others will step in or grants will cover the service. So, we're creating a rotational Board of three-to-four fathers who will collaborate to ensure smooth transitions; as one father goes off the Board, another comes on, in perpetuity. This leadership structure will ensure that future dads will have a place of fellowship and community to help each other in the vital work of parenting.

So, anyone who wishes to join our cause is welcome to reach out to either of us, and we'll be delighted to speak with you about the work.  We hope to see you on Saturday mornings! Check out The Program Schedule  page for the location and timing of our events.

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