October 8, 2016
Dr. Chris Bogart:

Executive Director 

The Southfield Center For Development
Adolescent Mental Health and Resiliency

November 12, 2016
Dr. Dan Brenner

Superintendent of Schools

Sports Parenting

December 10, 2016
John Hamilton:


Recovery Network of Programs
High Risk Behavior and Opioid Use

January 7, 2017

Janice Marzano 

Program Director 

Darien Depot Youth Center
Panel: Former DHS Students Discuss

Their Social  Experiences Growing Up In Darien

February 11, 2017--Event Cancelled
Duane Lovello 

Darien Police Chief

James Palmieri 

School Resource Officer (SRO) of Darien High School

March 18, 2017
Ingrid Gillespie 

Executive Director 

Communities 4 Action 

The Search Institute's 40 Developmental Assets:

The Building Blocks of Healthy Youth Development

April 22,2017
Vince Benevento 

Director and Founder 

Causeway Collaborative
Parenting to Adolescents

May 13, 2017
Virginia Furey

Prevention Educator 

The Center-Stamford
Parenting Tips For Dads: Guiding Healthy Sexual Relations For Their Kids

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