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What's a presentation without a reference to a survey?

And what's participation without people sharing their thoughts and opinions?

What's learning without reflecting on how your views compare and contrast with others? 

Surveys taken during the meetings with real time results in the meeting; we'll also keep them here so others can continue to respond.

Surveys are easy and quick to answer, usually with your mobile phone that takes you to a few online questions.        

Here are surveys from our initial meetings. Feel free to participate and see how your answers stack up against those who've already completed them. Note: all individual answers will be kept confidential.

Dr. Chris Bogart: Teenage Resiliency

Link to web survey: 

Optionally, using your smart phone, text "EZFF" to 313131

Results to-date:

Dr. Dan Brenner: Sports Parenting

Link to web survey:

Optionally, using your smart phone, text "EZFF EZFFDD (note: type a single space between EZFF and EZFFDD)

Results to-date: